Cool, heat, dehumidify, filter and renew the air – with no outdoor unit

VHP 2.0 is a comprehensive, all-in-one climate control system that intuitively monitors and controls the air quality, supplying heating, cooling, hospital-grade air filtering, dehumidifying, and air renewal, to provide the optimal environment year-round, including free cooling.

Integrating a state-of-the-art BLDC Inverter driven heat pump and ERV/HRV saves the costs of installing a separate ERV/HRV. VHP 2.0 is ideal for NZEB’s and for complying with ASHRAE 62.2.

Performance at -5°F retains 64% of the rated capacity with a 2.75 COP putting VHP 2.0 in a class by itself.

Fresh air is temperature treated by the hybrid recuperator and CO2 and VOC (volatile organic compounds) sensors ensure the highest air quality.

The sophisticated dehumidification system works in conjunction with multiple sensors and the hybrid recuperator to achieve the perfect balance.

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How VHP 2.0 works

How VHP 2.0 works


Key features

No outdoor unit

Super efficient BLDC inverter

Heating to -5°F

Integrated ERV/HRV

MERV 13 Filtration

Next gen R32 refrigerant

Whisper Quiet

Smart and connected

Compatible with Nest, BACnet and other thermostats

Compact form


Flexible installation options

10-year limited warranty

Commercial and residential

The VHO 2.0 single package design offers a versatile solution for both residential and commercial applications. Rigging and permits are not required as VHP 2.0 fits easily through standard doors, hallways, and elevators. No line sets, brazing, evacuation, or charging means less installation labor. With no exterior access required and minimal facade alterations, installation can be carried out room by room and in all weather conditions.

Compact and flexible

At under 11” deep, VHP 2.0 can be mounted horizontally above a ceiling or vertically inside a cabinet or closet. The supply air can be ducted to one room or multiple rooms and the return air can be ducted or plenum.

The dual 8-inch supply and exhaust ducts for the condenser can be ducted up to 30 feet and terminated to a host of different louver styles.

Clean facade

Less than one square foot of louvers in any shape or style is required on the exterior of the building, giving a clean, seamless appearance.

VHP 2.0 has two external 8″ ducts, one containing the compressor and the other, the fresh air intake. These ducts can be placed as close together or as far apart as code or design requires.

Installing VHP 2.0

Quiet comfort

VHP 2.0 sophisticated BLDC inverter compressor constantly adjusts the speed to maintain a consistent room temperature ensuring rapid cooling/heating effects and allowing the compressor to run at full power only when required.

The fan speed can be set at minimum, medium, and maximum as well as automatic so that the airflow is just right, and programming allows rooms to be warmed or cooled before occupancy.


VHP 2.0 can be controlled anywhere via Android and iOS apps which include comprehensive 7-day scheduling and the ability to control multiple units.

Choose from a wall-mounted TFT touch screen controller with comprehensive scheduling or a simple wall-mounted touch controller.

VHP 2.0 plays well with others and can be connected to smart thermostats such as Nest, Ecobee and Honeywell, as well as Modbus and BACnet systems with the optional third-party gateway.

Compare VHP 2.0 to VTAC

Compare VHP 2.0 to VTAC

Super efficient

VHP 2.0 offers superb efficiency thanks to its inverter compressor, EC Fans, and high-efficiency coils which work together to create optimal efficiency.

The reverse cycle defrost enables longer heat pump operation, saving energy. All fans are EC which automatically calibrate to match cooling needs while reducing energy usage.
VHP 2.0 is designed to perform efficiently in temperatures as low as -5°F. Capacity is enhanced by Recovery+™ and optional electric resistance heating in 1 and 2 kW versions are available for added capacity.

Unrivaled reliability

Designed and manufactured with the highest quality of workmanship and materials in our state-of-the-art facility in Italy, VHP 2.0 will provide many years of continuous, trouble-free cooling comfort. in the rare event of a problem, a unit can be swapped out in under 10 minutes!

With units installed in over 36 countries, VHP 2.0 offers consistent dependability and unrivaled trustworthiness, backed up with an industry-leading 10-Year On-site Warranty*.

What’s inside

What’s inside

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Capacity Range (Min – Max) 3,100 -11,00 Btu/h
Energy Efficiency 12.2 EER/ 19 SEER
Capacity Range (Min – Max) 2,600 -11,500 Btu/h
With Resistance Heat Strip 2,600 -18,300 Btu/h
Energy Efficiency  4.0 COP